Research Data at University of Vienna

Would you like to find out more about how researchers at the University of Vienna handle their data? 

The University Library has carried out the following studies on research data management at the University in recent years:

  • Kalová, T. (2020): Forschende und ihre Daten: Befragung an der Universität Wien. DOI: A report on the results of a quantitative survey with researchers from the University of Vienna on the topic of research data management. The data in this report were collected as part of an Austria-wide study “Researchers and Their Data” (Bauer et al., 2015) which was conducted as part of the e-Infrastructures Austria project.
  • Kalová, T. (2021): Creating Needs-Based Metadata and Research Data Management Services: Exploring the Requirements of Scientists. In: Young Information Scientist. DOI: A qualitative study analyzing semi-structured interviews with scientists from the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna on the ways they handle their research data. The paper also discusses the scientists’ needs regarding research support services. The interviews were conducted in April-May 2019 as part of the project e-Infrastructures Austria Plus.


Do you want to contribute to the further development of our services?

Take part in our study!

As part of the FAIR Data Austria project in 2021 we are carrying out an exploratory study with PhD students from various disciplines at the University of Vienna on the subject of data management and data sharing. You will find the results on this page soon. 

If you want to participate in the research, please get in touch with Tereza Kalová at

Infographic Researcher and their data at university of vienna by Tereza Kalova, 2021.

Infographic by Tereza Kalová, University of Vienna 2021. CC-BY