Network Software Development and Sustainability


In research projects, software is often developed respectively to generate data, but also for the representation of the data. In this case the representation and the representation of the data, is necessary to continue to operate the software even after the end of the research project and thus also after the end of the financing.

We, Susanne Blumesberger (UB) and Raman Ganguly (ZID) are often confronted with this issue and would like to discuss this challenge in a broader context. The focus will be on the following three questions:

  1. How do research projects for qualified software developers come about? It is not just about finding qualified developers, but also developers who can quickly build an understanding of the data and the research question.
  2. How can the developed software be operated centrally? How can error handling (in the software dive errors), operation (where and in which environment does the software) and support (who can answer questions from users to the software) for a variety of different software?
  3. How can data and software be separated from each other so that even after a possible loss of the software is it possible to keep the data available?

We want to build up a network at the University of Vienna to discuss these questions as comprehensively as possible in order to exchange knowledge and experience. and to offer support to researchers throughout the project duration.

If you are interested, please contact Susanne Blumesberger ( and Raman Ganguly (