PHAIDRA at the University of Vienna started in 2008. Soon there after PHAIDRA also started to get used by other institutions. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us:

The facilities with the name "own Phaidra entity" have one or more own PHAIDRA installations on site. They also have a specially trained team of librarians and technicians, who supervise their own further development as well as the one from other PHAIDRA partners.

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The instances marked with "hosting UniWien" are trained and supervised by the PHAIDRA team of the University of Vienna (UB-Vienna and ZID):

Phaidra-Partners in Austria:

  • Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (hosting UniWien)
  • Anton Bruckner Private University Linz (own instance)
  • Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
  • Danube University Krems (hosting UniWien)
  • University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten (hosting UniWien)
  • FWF - Austrian Science Fund (hosting UniWien)
  • Gustav Mahler Private University for Music (own instance)
  • University of Art and Design Linz (hosting UniWien)
  • University of Applied Arts Vienna (hosting UniWien)
  • University College of Christian Churches of Teacher Education Vienna/Krems (hosting UniWien)
  • University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (hosting UniWien)
  • University of Vienna (own instance)
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (hosting UniWien)
  • Vorarlberger Landesbibliothek (hosting UniWien) (The state of Vorarlberg has laid the foundations for cooperation with the University of Vienna with the decision of the government in 2012. The following are the active partners in Vorarlberg: Landesbibliothek, Landesarchiv and Landesregierung, which is responsible for the project management ).


Phaidra-Partners in Europe:

  • Bosnia, National Library and University Library Sarajevo (own authority, supervised by Belgrade)
  • Bosnia, University of Tuzla (own authority, supervised by Sarajevo)
  • Italy, Padova, Università di Padova (own instance)
  • Italy, Venezia, Università Ca 'Foscari (supervised by the University of Padova) N.B .: The University of Padova is the oldest PHAIDRA partner, who now also has a very competent team of developers. Padua recently introduced a new cutting-edge PHAIDRA user interface, see:
  • Italy, Venezia, Università Iuav di Venezia (supervised by the University of Padua)
  • Montenegro, Univerzitet Crne Gore (own authority, other support is via Belgrade)
  • Republic of Srpska, Univerzitet u Banjoj Luci (supervised by the University of Belgrade)
  • Serbia, Univerzitet u Beogradu (own authority, coordination of activities in the Western Balkans)
  • Serbia, Univerzitet u Kragujevcu (supervised by the University of Belgrade)
  • Serbia, Univerzitet u Nišu (supervised by the University of Belgrade)


For further information please visit:

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