How can we help you?

If you have any questions about your data management plan (contact:, saving and/or archiving your research data, we would be happy to help you, please contact us:

Examples for DMPs

Example: FWF Data Management Plan Evaluation Rubric (PDF)

When creating the project application

we support

  • the conception of the data management plan
  • technical questions (together with the ZID of the University of Vienna)
  • questions about formats
  • questions about metadata and metadata schemas
  • contacting a lawyer, if desired
In the current project phase

we accompany

  • the management of the data
  • the choice of a storage system during the project period
  • arrangements for the long-term availability of the data
  • the upload of the data (together with the ZID of the University of Vienna)
  • the choice of suitable licenses
After the project

we offer

  • permanent links for your data and publications (automatic handle, on request DOI)
  • possibilities of linking your data and publications
  • different access rights to your data and publications
  • visualization options for your data
  • global visibility on your research output, if desired